The U.S. Embassy recently sounded the alarm on Mexico by issuing a travel security warning and, quite surprisingly, highlighted some of the most popular beach destinations American tourists frequent.

One can never be too concerned with safety when vacationing internationally, although that hasn’t exactly deterred travelers from visiting our southern neighbor’s top beaches.

Mexico’s beaches are still as popular as ever and will certainly be jam-packed with Spring Break in full force.

Oftentimes, when tourists become too comfortable, they seem to have a target on their back, even in places deemed safe.

Not only to combat the beer pongs, unsightly neon attire, and obnoxious EDM, 3 of Mexico’s most popular beaches are increasing security to keep tourists safe this spring.

Tulum Sending National Guard To Protect Tourists

coastline of tulum

Tulum, perhaps Mexico’s trendiest getaway this year, is not taking any chances this spring. As the first-ever flights arrive directly from the U.S. this month, Tulum is all but certain to explode even more in popularity.

This artsy beach city is home to incredible beaches and cenotes, along with awe-inspiring ruins, drawing in travelers of all types and interests.

This spring will lure in a mix of your typical spring vacationers as well as those ready to let loose, so the government has brought in the National Guard to beef up its security presence.

beachgoers in tulum

According to the Cancun Sun, over 200 troops are being deployed forming the newly dubbed ‘Regional Task Force’.

No, Dwight Schrute isn’t the mastermind behind the operations; it’s the real deal.

Both the Army and National Guard are joining forces to better protect tourists in both urban and natural areas after a recent report of an uptick in crime, which is also why the new C4 Center is underway as well.

Tourists are rarely the victim in Tulum, however.

But it is worth noting Tulum was one of the areas mentioned in the recent traveler alert issued by the U.S. Embassy.

Cancun Adds Lifeguards and Security

pier atop stunning blue waters of cancun

The top destination in all of Mexico is getting a boost from both lifeguards and security personnel to keep tourists safe.

This, also according to the Cancun Sun, as the country’s most popular beach destination has experienced some unfortunate incidents.

The waters of Cancun are generally safe, but Mother Nature can’t be tamed.

And with hordes of travelers flocking to Cancun’s gorgeous shores right now, it only makes sense at the very least to station more lifeguards.

There have been some recent fatal accidents, so all tourists are being asked to be cautious and pay close attention to beach conditions by familiarizing themselves with the color-coded beach flag system.

aerial shot of cancun resorts

The most hazardous beach conditions in Cancun right now are at Playa Gaviota Azul, Playa Delfines, and Playa Marlin.

40 lifeguards will be on patrol and may have extended hours since many of these recent accidents happened late in the day.

As for crime in Cancun, the iconic beach city is generally considered safe for tourists, but was also specifically named in the latest travel alert to be extra vigilant downtown after sundown.

Los Cabos Adding Security This Spring

Inarguably the most luxurious beach destination in Mexico, and possibly Latin America, Los Cabos is one of the dreamiest vacays you could ask for.

beautiful beach in los cabos

The good news is this upscale getaway is widely considered to be the safest beach destination in the country.

According to the Cabo Sun, Los Cabos is ramping up security in an effort to prevent any unnecessary shenanigans in the more party-centric side of the city.

That would be Cabo San Lucas, of course. When the cervezas and tequila are flowing, sometimes things can go awry.

Tourists can expect more surveillance in commonly visited areas, especially the Marina area.

As part of a broader operation, trained officers will also be on patrol to deter any ‘bad apples’ from targeting visitors.

lover's beach in cabo

Additionally, pesky illegal beach vendors are being closely monitored to not only leave beachgoers alone while enjoying their vacation but to ensure they’re not being scammed.

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