Florida has so much more to offer than theme parks, water parks, and the chance to meet Mickey Mouse.

It is also home to some of the best beaches in the U.S., if not the world.

But during the summer months, those beautiful beaches aren’t as picture-perfect as you might imagine.

That’s because sargassum can be a huge problem in Florida.

According to research conducted by the University of South Florida, the State’s beaches are set to be sargassum-free until late April or early June.

That makes now a perfect time to head to Florida and relax on the beach.

Here’s why:

Will The Sargassum Be Bad In Florida This Year?

In the summer of 2023 sargassum was a huge problem in Florida with several beaches inundated with the stinky seaweed which rendered many of those beaches almost unusable.

Footsteps next to sargassum seaweed on the shore

There’s no way of knowing yet whether this year’s sargassum season in Florida will be as bad as last year.

But what we do know is that when the sargassum does inevitably arrive, the beaches that will be most affected are the ocean side of the Florida Keys and along the state’s southeast coast.

This includes popular beach locations such as Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach.

Tourists walk and swim amonst seaweed on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Why Visit Florida Now?

As well as ensuring you avoid the pesky sargassum that is likely to arrive in the summer months, there are plenty of other great reasons why now is the perfect time to visit Florida.

At the beginning of spring, Florida’s beaches can be wild thanks to the Spring Break travelers who are looking to have a good time.

But once the revelers have gone crowd levels are much lower during the Spring season that at many other times of year. May in particular is a great month to choose if you want to avoid the crowds of the summer months.

Miami Beach Florida

Lower crowd levels often means lower rates too, and you’re likely to find that your vacation is more affordable if you travel during the spring compared to the summer months.

May is also a great time to enjoy the watersports that Florida is famous for. And there are so many to choose from it’ll make your head spin!

Swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, paddle-boarding, kitesurfing and kayaking are all great options on Florida’s 825 miles of sandy beaches.

Of course we can’t talk about Florida without mentioning the weather. Florida has a humid sub tropical climate and the heat of the summer months can feel unbearable, particularly if you want to enjoy active outdoor activities as part of your vacation.

woman and man enjoying SUP kayak watersport Keys, Florida, USA.

The weather in the Spring is still warm and sunny, but the temperature is much more manageable. For example, temperatures sit in the mid-80s in Tampa in May.

Visiting now will also mean you can miss Florida’s hurricane season, which officially runs from June to November in the state.  Not to mention avoiding the sargassum that can really ruin a beach day.

What Is Sargassum?

You’ve probably read a lot about sargassum on this website, especially if you’re planning a vacation to Mexico, Florida, or the Caribbean. But what if you’re still not completely sure what it is?

Tourists and sargassum on a beach in Florida

Sargassum is effectively seaweed. It is a type of brown algae that floats in huge masses before it washes up on the shoreline of impacted beaches.

But this isn’t just a few small clumps of seaweed. The sargassum bloom can spread for many miles across the ocean, and when it finds somewhere to land on shore, it can completely take over beaches.

Where possible, you should avoid swimming near or touching sargassum as it can be a skin irritant.

Lifeguard Tower in South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

The Florida Department of Health also advises that if you have asthma or respiratory problems, then you should limit your time at the beach if excessive sargassum is present, as exposure to decomposing sargassum can cause breathing difficulties.

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