Despite living in a fast-paced world, one of the best ways to travel is to slow and absorb all the sites.

Typically, when we think of traveling by rail, a bucket-list trip across Europe or hopping aboard the insanely fast bullet trains of Asia may come to mind.

Fortunately, that’s not entirely true, as travelers across the U.S. and Canada now have access to book the most stunning train route on the continent.

The Rocky Mountaineer just launched for another season, and it is passing through some of the most breathtaking scenery in North America.

Better yet, there are some notable upgrades and new perks, making the journey even more enticing than ever on this incredible glass-domed train.

First Stop: Canada

Travelers have 2 options. They can either start in Canada or the U.S. and experience either of the country’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Rocky Mountaineer train passing through Kamloops, Canada

Lots can be said about Canada in recent years, but we’ll stick with the obvious – it’s drop-dead gorgeous!

Vancouver is arguably the prettiest major city in North America and this will be your gateway to the Rocky Mountaineer.

Many airlines fly nonstop to Vancouver, and even budget airline Allegiant gives travelers a cheap loophole by flying to Bellingham, Washington, just across the border.

Reaching Vancouver should be easy and well worth the airfare for one of North America’s best adventures.

Choose Between 3 Stunning Routes From Vancouver

Rocky Mountaineer passenger looking out window in Canadian wilderness

Those starting from Vancouver have a few different packages to choose from, and it’s all up to you.

The first 2 options are the First Passage to the West and the Journey Through The Clouds. Between these routes, the only difference is the last stop.

Both begin in Vancouver, make a stop in the riverside city of Kamloops to unwind, and either finish off in the bucket-list worthy destinations of Banff or Jasper.

Next up is the Rainforest to Gold Rush route where travelers begin in Vancouver, chug along to Whistler, with the only stop in Quisnel, and also finishing off the ride in Jasper.

All routes pass through a variety of landscapes ranging from otherworldly canyons, snowcapped mountains, and even rushing rivers and waterfalls.

Rocky Mountaineer train

Discover America’s Wild Side By Rail

There’s a reason our country is called “America the Beautiful,” and there may be no better way to see for yourself along the Rocky Mountaineer’s only U.S. route.

Unlike Canada, the starting point won’t be in a major city. This time, travelers will already be in one of America’s top natural attractions, the beautiful red-rocked town of Moab, Utah.

From here, travelers will pass through scenic, rugged landscapes and stay overnight in the picture-perfect mountain town of Glenwood Springs, known for their natural hot springs and the incredible White River National Forest.

Caboose of Rocky Mountaineer train in wilderness

After a night here, travelers will pass through more of America’s stunning landscapes and man-made marvels like the 6.3 mile long tunnel to make this journey possible, ultimately reaching Denver as the final stop.

If you can’t decide which route is right for you between the U.S. and Canada, consider a Circle Journey package to combine more than one.

An On-Board Experience Unlike Any Other

There are trains, and then there is the Rocky Mountaineer.

If you’ve traveled by train before, then surely you know the best spot is the window seat, but on this route, every seat is a window seat.

Interior of Rocky Mountaineer train with stunning views

Correction – the entire train is a window seat as you will be riding in a customized glass-domed cart for the best panoramic views up, down, and all around.

Travelers can choose between two different experiences, the Silver Leaf Service and Golden Leaf Service, to level up even more.

For help choosing which one suits you best, it’s advised to watch their insightful videos or read through their detailed comparison chart.

Either way, you can expect top-notch service the whole way through while enjoying all the stunning scenery.

Seats inside glass-domed Rocky Mountaineer train

The Canadian route has an upgraded food menu, and the U.S. route now partners with the Moab Music Festival so travelers can arrive in style and attend this highly anticipated event.

Travelers shouldn’t feel rushed to book, however.

The calendar is open through 2025 and gives you more time to save, as prices aren’t cheap!

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