10 Of The Most Beautiful And Off The Beaten Path Destinations Around The World 

Global travel site Big 7 has ranked the 50 most beautiful and remote places around the world, and they range from safari lodges, arctic camps, caves, villages, and almost everything in between.

With more and more travelers looking for unique and one-of-a-kind experiences, these places certainly fit the bill.

Here Are The Top 10 Most Beautiful And Off The Beaten Path Destinations Around The World:

1. Blue Eye, Albania

While no longer a well-kept secret amongst travelers in the know, the Balkan country of Albania has shot up in visitors recently, thanks in part to its popularity on social media.

People are flocking to the country for its culture and mountains, but most come for the amazing beaches.

When you are hitting up the stunning Albanian Riviera, do not miss the Blue Eye. Known as Syri i Kaltër in Albanian, this natural phenomenon is a water spring that shines in a blueish green that seems unreal.

Many miss this site as it’s tucked away, but ask any local, and they will help you find it.


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2. White Desert Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

This is a place for travelers that are really looking to go off the grid (and have some money to spend) on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Imagine spending your evenings tucked away in your eco-friendly pod amongst the otherworldly landscape of East Antarctica’s Schirmacher Hills.

If arriving by private plane and spending your days trekking through ice tunnels and hanging with the Emperor penguins is on your wishlist, this could be just the place for you.


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3. Macquarie Island, Australia

Known as Australia’s Subantarctic jewel, visitors can only visit Macquarie Island by small expedition ship. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an island nature reserve located about halfway between Antarctica and New Zealand in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

One claim to fame is that it’s the only place on earth where royal penguins breed, although you will also see many king penguins, elephant seals, and much more wildlife.

With a natural landscape virtually unaffected by humans, you can also see the only place in the world where the Earth’s mantle rises above sea level.

penguins on Macquarie Island, Australia

4. Laya, Bhutan

While the entire country of Bhutan is a remote and off-the-beaten-path destination on its own, there does lie a small village that is truly a place for the most intrepid travelers.

Known as the highest settlement in the country, Laya Village has only a little over 100 houses and remains truly authentic and not ruined by tourism or the technological advances of today’s world.

Since the only way to reach this village is by trekking for 2 days, it’s not visited by many people. While the trek is not very difficult, you will be rewarded with epic views on the way to reach this mysterious village.

Laya Bhutan with the Himalayas in the background

5. Pinnacles of Gunung, Mulu National Park, Borneo

The next entry on the list takes us to the Malaysian side of the island of Borneo. In the incredible and vast Mulu National Park, where you can find the Pinnacles of Gunung rock formations.

Mulu is famous for its vast cave systems, huge bat population, and rainforest trekking, where you can take in an array of wildlife.

To reach the razor-sharp spikes of the Pinnacles, you must undertake a difficult hike, and the rangers are very strict about fitness levels and weather conditions.

Those who make the trek here will enjoy some great shots of the rocks jutting from the earth and take in the views of Mulu.

Pinnacles in Mulu national parc in Malaysia

6. Sandibe Okavango, Botswana

In the southern end of the famous Okavango Delta in Botswana, you can find the Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, one of the many luxurious properties from the popular safari lodge company, andBeyond.

Here you can take in epic game drives, customize your safari, enjoy world-class food, and take in the truly unique lodge design.

Relax in your private pools and curl up with a fire after hours, after enjoying a sundowner while watching the animals around the watering hole.

elephant in okavango delta botswana

7. Pitcairn Island, British Overseas Territory

As the only inhabited island of the group that makes up the Pitcairn Islands, you can find this rugged, isolated destination in the South Pacific Ocean.

Located about 1000 miles from Tahiti and 4000 miles off the coast of Panama, the island has been called the most remote inhabited island on Earth.

With around 50 inhabitants, visitors to this island will be rewarded with unspoiled beauty and endless wildlife. A British Overseas Territory, many come to visit via Pitcairn’s passenger supply shop, with berths available to book here.

Pitcairn island in the ocean with clouds

8. Anegada, British Virgin Islands

One of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) most unique places, Anegada, is worth the trip.

As the only BVI that is a coral island, not volcanic, the topography is unique, and the reefs surrounding the island make for some fantastic snorkeling.

Take the short and convenient ferry over from the more touristy Tortola, and enjoy the day lounging on the pristine beaches and ride a scooter around to wave to the friendly locals.

Snorkeling. Anegada beach, British Virgin Island

9. Ivvavik National Park, Canada

In a country with such vast wilderness, you can imagine that its most remote national park must be pretty off-grid to take that title.

You can find Ivvavik National Park tucked up in the northwest corner of Canada’s Yukon territory, and its remote location helps keep it pristine and untouched.

Originally named the Northern Yukon National Park, the park was renamed to the Inuvialuktun word meaning nursery, as the place is a calving ground for caribou.

Reachable by a small plane from Inuvik, visitors can hike, raft, fish, and take in the wildlife. The park offers once-in-a-lifetime adventures, but be sure to plan early as they limit the number of visitors allowed in each year.

Inuvik, Northwest Territories

10. Marble Caves, Patagonia, Chile

Found at the edge of Chile’s General Carrera Lake, these unique natural wonders are truly unique, even for a place as unique as Patagonia.

Visitors can kayak through the stunning caves and caverns, and see marble in its purest form, whereas the polish you see is only from the thousands of years that the waves have been meeting the rock.

Those who visit the caves can also see the nearby glaciers, such as San Rafael and Exploradores, both offering epic opportunities to get up close and personal with massive ice formations that you don’t see in the rest of the world.

The marble caves Chile

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