4 Reasons Why Costa Mujeres Is The New Mexican Caribbean Hotspot

The Mexican Caribbean is bound to be the busiest summer getaway now that normality has been reinstated across the globe, and more Americans are feeling the impulse to travel outside the country.

As expected, however, fewer reservations about international travel and more confidence mean a surge in demand, which may in turn result in crowding and price surges.

In extremely popular spots like Cancun and Tulum, that’s almost certainly a given.

If you’ve mustered the courage to take that international trip to Mexico this year but you’re weary of joining Cancun’s beach hordes, staying in a more recluse, arguably more idyllic, and not-so-chaotic resort zone could satisfy your needs.

Here are 4 reasons why Costa Mujeres is the new Mexican Caribbean hotspot and why it’s there you should be headed before everybody else finds out about it:

It Is Quieter

Over the years, the resort strip linking Cancun to Tulum has developed a reputation for being an unruly party zone ridden with beach clubs, bachelorette parties, and infamous jungle raves where the circulation of illicit drugs continues to be a major concern for authorities.

Young Woman Floating On A Crystal Clear Caribbean Sea Off The Mayan Riviera, Mexican Caribbean, Mexico

While efforts have been made to keep the situation under control with new noise control laws and stricter regulations, the Cancun-Tulum duo seem to have long lost their appeal to wellness enthusiasts. Fortunately for them, Costa Mujeres remains largely untouched by this riotous nightlife.

A development area a short 10.5 km north of Cancun, it straddles a quieter stretch of coast, where the seas are just as clear, and the sands virgin-white, except guests enjoy a greater sense of privacy, and a more peaceful environment, away from the busy ‘Hotel Zone’.

Resorts in Costa Mujeres sit farther apart from each other, as opposed to being direct neighbors.

Solitary Palm Trees On A Beach In The Mexican Caribbean, Riviera Maya, Mexico

As a result, they offer guests more exclusivity, something a majority of hotel towers lining the jam-packed beach in Cancun lack, and privileged views not only of the Caribbean Sea but also of the city in the distance.

When it comes to entertainment options, this is the Mayan Riviera, after all, and you should expect to see some action in the nighttime when young revelers hit the local theme bars, but it is still nowhere near downtown Cancun’s level of crazy.

A Foodie Hotspot

As The Cancun Sun has noted, Costa Mujeres is one of the most underrated foodie destinations in the Mayan Riviera, offering guests a ‘fiesta’ of flavors with its haute-cuisine tradition and numerous top-rated upscale restaurants within walking distance of their resort.

Shrimp Tacos, Mexico

Whether it’s the delectable street food or upscale dining on the palm tree-lined beachfront, feeling the ocean breeze on your face, you’ll get to experience the very best of Mexican cuisine (even if you decide on never leaving your accommodation).

Some of Costa Mujeres’ landmark properties have been recognized for their ‘refined’ cuisine, earning an AAA-Diamond Status at the Magellan Awards, as well as bringing home numerous trophies from the latest World Culinary Awards.

According to the leading publication on Mexican Caribbean news, it ‘may very well be the culinary champion of the Mexican Caribbean‘, easily distinguishing itself from a more globalized, commercial Cancun, where American-style diners and fast food trucks have taken over.

New Exciting Hotel Openings

Alcoholic Drink Resting By The Poolside At A Luxury Resort In The Mexican Caribbean, Mexico

As a result of increasing demand for Costa Mujeres all-inclusive getaways, at least two new resort openings were announced earlier this year, proving this quieter section of the coast is brimming with potential and should not be bypassed by tourists.

With hotels in Cancun, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, and other well-known vacation hubs selling out months in advance and some reporting occupancy rates of over 80% in the off-season, it’s truly exciting news that the far more quaint Costa Mujeres is witnessing a development boom.

These two massive resorts are expected to bow in 2025, adding to the tourist town’s wide array of accommodation options, as Invertol plans to open as many as 200 new hotel rooms in response to the increase in tourism.

Luxury Hotel With Waterfront View, Unspecified Location

For now, there are already a whopping 55 five-star listings in or near Costa Mujeres. Luxury tourism seems to be the main drive behind the local economy, as summer nightly rates range from US$189 to a jaw-dropping US$683 in some of the all-inclusive resorts.

If it’s ultra-exclusive, luxurious retreats you seek, this is the place to be.

Security Is Tight

Finally, perhaps the main reason why you should consider basing yourself north of Cancun, as opposed to in Cancun proper this summer, is Costa Mujeres’ near-perfect track record of maintaining public safety.

Police patrolling cancun beach with k9 unit

Although the Mayan Riviera as a whole is a relatively safe destination for American tourists, bar some ill-intentioned taxi drivers, who are prone to scamming, and of course, pickpockets, not-so-frequent reports of shootings within Cancun resorts and on tourist areas in the Hotel Zone have scared away more reluctant travelers.

These are mostly attributed to gang activity, and though gangs themselves do not target tourists, with most deaths resulting from involvement in crime, Cancun authorities have increased policing and surveillance along the Caribbean coast.

Cancun is a safe destination, but it continues to be comparatively ‘less safe’ than Costa Mujeres, where most of the resorts are located within gated communities where crime levels are exceedingly rare, and not just under control.

A Group Of Mexican Police Officers

No one gets in or out without authorization from guards, and on top of that, more foot patrols have been deployed to the zone to ensure vacationers have a stress-free time, making it one of the most heavily-guarded towns in the Mexican Caribbean.

Taking into account its natural beauty, the world-class service in the resorts, the amazing food, and the high perception of safety, it’s no surprise Costa Mujeres is so trendy to visit right now.

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