As summer rolls around and all eyes are turned to beachy European hotspots like Spain, Italy, or Greece, there’s another iconic country that’s drawing in travelers by the tens of millions despite not being what you’d consider your typical sunny hub.

In the first quarter of 2024 alone, Germany has recorded almost 89 million overnight stays, an 8.4% jump from the same period last year and an undeniable all-time high.

And while the European hotspot has long been coveted for its stunning sights and incredible history, the fact that it’s outperforming much more typical summery hubs ahead of the warmer months is still pretty interesting.

So today, we’ll leave the iconic attractions and ultra-famous cities behind and get down to the core of what’s so alluring about Germany right now and why you, too, should add it to your travel bucket list this upcoming season.

It’s Never Been Easier To Get In And Out Of Germany

If you’ve been traveling for a while, you know there’s no beating the convenience of a well-connected destination, and as new flights and train routes to and from Germany pop up virtually every day, people are finding it easier than ever to finally visit the iconic hotspot.

Historic airport building in Berlin

Just this past September two brand-new direct flights connecting the U.S. and Germany were introduced to the general public, and that’s on top of all the train routes that have been added to the local network this past year (123) – and that’s not even mentioning how high-quality and reasonably-priced rail travel is here.

An Understated Beachy Escape

As popular as Germany is, there’s one facet of its natural allure that remains criminally underrated – its beaches.

Beach chairs in Sylt, Germany

In fact, most travelers are surprised to discover how much of the country’s almost 1500-mile-long coastline is comprised of swimmable, loungeable beaches.

Sure, you’ll have to wait till the peak of summer to get those sunbathing-friendly temperatures, but when it comes to places like Rügen, Sylt, and Usedom, it’s all well worth it.

It’s The Perfect Time To Appreciate The Country’s Long-Winded History

For those of you eager to explore Germany’s storied past, this year might just be the perfect time to take that long-awaited trip.

Berlin Wall Memorial

The famous Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, making 2024 the 35th anniversary of the history-changing event.

Of course, locals will acknowledge it with plenty of ceremonies, exhibitions, tours, and activities planned not only on the specific date but all throughout the year.

Art Lovers Are Having A Blast, Too

2024 is apparently the year of great anniversaries since it’s also what would’ve been the 250th birthday of famed German painter Caspar David Friedrich.

Two Men Conteplating The Moon by Caspar David Friedrich

While avid art lovers know his work extensively, the general public is probably more familiar with specific pieces like “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” or “Two Men Contemplating The Moon.”

In whatever category you fall, you’ll still be able to enjoy the special lineup of events held in the painter’s honor all throughout Germany, especially in Berlin, Hamburg, and Greifswald (Caspar David Friedrich’s birthplace).

Exploring Berlin’s Incredible Food Scene

Most foodies who come to Europe tend to flock to well-known culinary hubs like France, Italy, or Spain, and few actually get to discover the insane mosaic of flavors and aromas enjoyed only in Berlin.

Street food in Berlin

And this year is even bringing some exciting new trends to the city, including fusion cuisine, Balkan-inspired food, and dreamy little bistros.

Taking In Those Up-And-Coming Gems Before They Explode In Popularity

While classic hotspots like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Cologne are still as popular as ever, not all of the tens of millions of people coming to Germany are choosing these cities.

Frankfurt, Germany skyline at night

In fact, smaller, lesser-known gems are surging in popularity like never before, and if you want to take in their authentic charm, you need to move quick.

Chemnitz (said to become the next European capital of culture) and Erfurt (one of the latest entries to UNESCO’s World Heritage list) in particular, are not to be missed.

The European Football Championship Is Just Around The Corner

Last but certainly not least, travelers coming to Germany in 2024 will get the coveted chance to experience the grandeur and excitement of the European Football Championship firsthand.

Berlin stadium

For an entire month (June 14th – July 14th), you’ll get to see 24 European countries (Germany included) compete for the continent’s most prestigious trophy in football, so sports lovers, this is your calling.

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