Now That Paraguay Has Reopened, Here’s Why You Should Visit In 2023

Now That Paraguay Has Reopened, Here’s Why You Should Visit In 2023

Two and a half years after Covid was declared a pandemic, Paraguay is scrapping all entry requirements and welcoming back foreigners under normal pre-pandemic rules. In this article, we discuss what the new guidelines for traveling to Paraguay are and why this landlocked, lesser-known South American destination is where you should be heading in 2023.

Earlier on during the crisis, the virus hit South America (SA) hard, turning it into a global epicenter for infections on numerous occasions. However, the situation has improved dramatically in recent months, as a majority of destinations in the continent have reached some sort of stability, indicating the long-awaited ‘endemic phase’ is closer than ever.

Moving forward from the darker days of 2020 and 2021, Paraguay has now become the fourth SA nation to abolish health controls, confirming Covid has ceased being an emergency:

No Entry Requirements Traveling To Paraguay From October 2022

Since October 24, travelers have been allowed to enter Paraguay again without any health checks before or upon arrival. To put it simply, if you’re an American visitor, your vaccination record has no longer been relevant in border screening procedures after the Government issued a new mandate reinstating pre-Covid normality.

Moving forward, all of the below applies to international tourists, regardless of country of origin and Covid status:

  • Vaccination is not a prerequisite for entry
  • Pre-departure tests for non-immunized individuals have been removed
  • Post-arrival tests do not apply
  • Quarantine is not required

*Additionally, since April, face masks have not been mandatory

Previously, only vaccinated travelers were allowed to bypass Paraguay’s stricter border rules. The unvaccinated, on the other hand, were required to present a negative Covid test result, preferably a PCR, not older than 72 hours preceding travel. Again, as of this week, the testing mandate does not apply, and Covid discrimination has been brought to an end.

Paraguay Is Fourth Country To Reopen In South America

Officially, Paraguay is the fourth destination in South America to fully reopen its borders, following Argentina, Guyana, and Ecuador. Irrespective of the lifting of the Covid vaccination requirement, the Government notes travelers may still be asked to provide data on their immunization status while crossing into Paraguay, even though ‘it will not represent any impediment to enter the country’.

Furthermore, any travelers who are coming via land from four other South American countries – Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela – will be expected to produce a yellow fever vaccination certificate. This policy had been in place way before Covid became widespread, and it is merely being reinforced now.

Why Should Paraguay Be On Your Bucket List For 2023?

Paraguay may not have a tourism scene as developed as its Mercosur neighbors, especially Brazil and Argentina, who are competing themselves to become SA’s digital nomad hub, but it is home to numerous natural landmarks, a vibrant cultural scene, and beautiful Spanish colonial-era settlements.

Asuncion, Capital City Of Uruguay, South America

Unlike its competitors, it does not have a coastline, being landlocked between the aforementioned Argentina and Brazil, as well as Bolivia. As a result, it is comprised mostly of swampland, savanna, and subtropical forest. For that reason, Paraguay is particularly favored by adventurers and solo travelers backpacking across South America who are looking for natural experiences off the beaten path.

These include:

Iguazu Falls, South America
  • Iguazu River: the body of water flowing into one of the Seven Natural World Wonders, Iguazu Falls, a breathtaking series of waterfalls extending along the borders of nearby Brazil and Argentina
  • Salto Cristal, another landmark waterfall described by a visitor on TripAdvisor as an ‘unknown treasure in the wild’ that left them with their mouths open
  • Parque Nacional Cerro Corá, a national park dotted with sculptures, historical monuments, and a stunning green scenery
  • Parque Nacional Ybycui, popular for hiking and wildlife watching
  • Playa de Aregua, a lakeside beach that is ideal for relaxing and bathing during the hot summer months
Historical Oratory In Asuncion, Capital City Of Paraguay, Lit Up At Night, South America

The capital of Asuncion is renowned for being one of the oldest European colonies in South America. Having retained some of its Old World heritage, it is packed with historic buildings and picturesque districts. One of the most important attractions in the city, Casa de la Independencia, was built in the year 1772, and it is now open as a museum.

Paraguay is not as famous as Costa Rica or Belize when it comes to nature excursions, but the views can be just as stunning, and overtourism and inflated prices are far from being a concern here. It is simply the perfect pick for Americans who have been craving the outdoors and budget-friendly destinations.

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